Monday, March 9, 2009


The Belle-Aires wera a female trio from the Bayshore High School formed by Sisters Elisa and Anita Prite with their cousin Signa Acevedo.

With the help of William Miller a talent School agent and songwritter from Amityville,LI the girls recorded one popish/rockin EP on RCA Records with the sides_Sugar Candy/I Wanna Be Loved/My Only Love/You Stole My Heart. witeen by Miller.

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In 1959 the girls(now know as TERRY & THE BELLES) signed with the New York city label Hanover Records owened by Len Levy and Bob Thiele and recorded_I'm Alone Because I Love You/Keep That Beat. from this recording session the group have unreleased sides as_whoa-o. and_And Ring For My Finger.

In 1959 another label change,Duck Records from Endicott,NY owned by Bart Sochor who recorded the last single of the trio_I'll Always Be Nearby/I'd Want You.


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